WW-Jet™ Worm Harvesters

Aluminum Worm Harvesters

When you are SERIOUS about making money raising worms, you HAVE to have a Worm Harvester

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    We started building Worm Harvesters because we use them with our other Vermicomposting equipment, not because we were a welding shop and someone brought us a picture to try to reproduce. WW-Jet™ has introduced many advances in Worm Harvester design, and we continue to try to make improvements. We will be here tomorrow, if you should ever need any service, and we stock all parts for every Harvester we have ever made. All Harvesters and Conveyers come with a printed manual, with color photos for clarity. Our designs are proven with hundreds of satisfied customers, making us the most recognized name in Worm Harvesters. Look through our website and see for yourself. You won't find information like this on Harvesters anywhere else.

Why should you buy a WW-Jet™ Worm Harvester?

Quality Design and Construction

- Stainless steel hardware.

- Non-Corrosive, Marine grade Aluminum Construction.

- Drive roller to safely transfer power from the motor.

- Motor under front cone for protection from the elements and collisions.

- Front loading cone, for efficient loading of your worm bed.

- Shorter over-all length than any other comparable sized harvester.

- Many different sizes, from small to huge. Any number of screens.

- Many different options, so you get just the amount of labor savings you need.

WW-Jet™ Harvesters were designed by people that work with worms, not a welding shop or slick marketing company.

Able to ship World Wide, Quickly

We keep an inventory of unassembled frame parts, so your custom harvester can usually ship within a wwek.

We have shipped from Japan to England, and of course all points in the US.

We have a separate shop and crew just to assemble crates.

We know what we are doing when it comes to delivering your Harvester in the shortest amount of time.

When you need a Worm Harvester NOW, only WW-Jet™ can Deliver!

Resale Value

Why worry about resale value? Why would you ever want to sell your WW-Jet™ Worm Harvester?

1. You do well in your worm business, and need a larger Harvester.

2. You do well in your worm business, and wish to sell it and retire.

3. You don't do well in your worm business, and want to get your investment back.

You should be able to get a fair price on your used WW-Jet™ Harvester, because it will still look good and work right, no matter how old it is. We go to great lengths to ensure that our equipment will last a lifetime.

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