Rotary Composters and the NEW OctaScreener

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Now you can quickly compost almost any organic material -- odor free! Food residuals, animal manures, mortalities from livestock operations, and sewage sludge can all be turned into valuable compost! From backyard composting to Municipalities, Jet Compost Products can make your composting efforts payoff with a quality compost, produced in just a few days!

U.S. Patent #6,783,975 , Patent Pending in Canada.

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The difference between Jet Compost and the competition:

1. Octagonal shape, for complete mixing!

2. Forced aeration throughout the floor, for complete aerobic activity!

3. Non-corrosive construction, for long life!

Features found on all of our Rotary Composters:

Quality Design and Construction.

Our Octagonal shape does a better job of mixing than a round pipe.

Fully insulated, to keep the compost hot!

Siemens programmable logic controller, for air and rotation.

Variable air supply, pumping air through the entire floor.

All manual functions are controlled with simple toggle switches.

Easy delivery and setup.

Non-Corrosive, Marine grade Aluminum used throughout.

Stainless Steel hardware.

Available with full Stainless Steel interior.

Many different options, so you get just the amount of labor savings you need.

Jet Compost Model 3672 Rotary Composter


       3-foot diameter and 6-feet long, 24 cubic foot capacity, Aluminum construction and insulated throughout-this is not your fathers backyard Composter! With all the features of our larger Rotaries, this is perfect for both the serious home composter, or for schools or research. The locking scaffolding wheels make moving easy. One end removes completely for unloading or cleaning, and the central input door makes it easy to load. This is truly the Cadillac of small Composters!

Jet Compost Model 72144 Rotary Composter


       6-foot diameter and 12-feet long, 7.5 cubic yard capacity, and mounted on a double axle trailer. It can be outfitted with a hopper/mixer, and conveyers to load and unload.

Jet Compost Model 72288 Rotary Composter


       6-foot diameter and 24-feet long, 15 cubic yard capacity, and mounted on a double axle trailer. It can be outfitted with a hopper/mixer, and conveyers to load and unload. These can either mounted on the same trailer, or set up to load from the side. Multiple units can be set in a row, and all loaded and unloaded from a central hopper and conveyer system.

    We don't build Rotaries any larger than these, for 2 good reasons:

1. A greater diameter, like some of our competition, creates too much pressure on the composting material, keeping the required air from reaching all the material, all of the time. This can cause odors, and keep the compost from being high quality.

2. We can furnish multiple units, loaded from a common hopper, for less overall cost than one larger unit of the same capacity. Smaller units are easier to install and maintain, and provide continued operation in the event of a breakdown or maintenance.

        The patented process of Jet Compost Products Rotaries involves our proprietary air induction system, which pumps air through over 1,000 holes per square foot, while it is sitting still. The octagonal cylinder is then rotated once or more each day to mix the contents only, not to provide the needed air for thorough aerobic decomposition. The benefits of our new process are no "balling" of the mix if too wet, less power required to operate, and NO ODOR! Complete aerobic decomposition means bio-filters are not needed. You can literally smell the difference!
       They can be run in either a batch mode or continuous mode, on a 3-day or longer cycle. Temperatures can reach over 55 degrees C. in less than 12 hours after loading in batch mode, and within an hour in continuous mode.
       NOTE! No composting system delivers mature compost in three days, and ours does not either. What you CAN do in three days is get a proper mixture over the high heat of the thermophilic process, and have a product that can be cured on the ground- or fed to worms with no further treatment.
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