The Revolutionary OctaScreener, the first Flat Screen Trommel!


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The difference between Jet Compost and the competition:

1. Octagonal shape with flat screens blind less than round screens!

2. Flat screens are the easiest to change, easiest to handle, and the easiest shape to ship!

3. Non-corrosive construction on the main frame and cylinder, for long life!

4. Our standard electric OctaScreeners can cost up to 25% less than a comparable size screener from our competition!

When you need to change the screen size, it can't be easier than with an OctaScreener. The nuts for the SS bolts are welded on the outside, so one man can loosen the bolts, and slide the old size screen out, and the new one in. The weight of each screen is reduced to the level where one man can handle them without difficulty. Our welded screen frame, makes handling easy-with no sharp edges.


The OctaScreener is available as the screener only, or a screener mounted on a trailer. Configurations include different size hoppers, sized for smaller loaders at 7 foot to the top-from the ground. Conveyers for the fines can discharge either to the front, or off to the side. We even have a model that will load itself from a windrow, when pushed forward with a Bobcat or similar sized tractor.



The OctaScreener can even be used to amuse or surprise your friends. This is not recommended if your friends like to sue people.


Manufactured and Distributed By:

Jet Speed Compost
Andy Dombey
40 Cash Drive
Carson City, Nevada 89706
Phone 775-246-9076

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