Our Compost and Mulch Screeners are the most cost effective round screeners you can buy! All models are easily towed with a pick-up truck, have low power requirements, and feature all aluminum construction.


Jet Compost Model 7234 Compost Screener:

       6 foot diameter-with 3 four foot wide screens, of your choice of mesh and construction. Our top of the line unit pictured above is fully self-contained with gasoline power, out-put conveyers for both the fines and overs, and can be towed with a standard pickup truck. Standard screen is carbon steel with 1/2" open with 1/8" thick mesh. Setup takes less than five minutes with no tools and only one man. It features a five cubic yard hopper, aluminum construction for everything except the trailer, and can be run on 50 amp 220 power if used stationary.
       For Mulch screening, we offer a self-contained model with 3 different size screens, and four folding output conveyers for all three sizes and the overs. Options include diesel hydraulic power, stainless steel screen, and conveyers of your choice of length and height.
       Capacity is over a yard a minute with 1/2-inch screen.

Jet Compost Model 7224 Compost Screener:

       6 foot diameter-with 2 four foot wide screens, of your choice of mesh and construction.

       It can be mounted on a single axle trailer, and equipped with your choice of conveyers, chutes or sides. This is all the screener most smaller operations will ever need.

Manufactured and Distributed By:

Jet Speed Compost
Andy Dombey
40 Cash Drive
Carson City, Nevada 89706
Phone 775-246-9076

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